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Our best seller is by far digital photo on canvas. Wicked Paintings can do a varity of things including scanning, touch-up, printing, cutting, stretching, mounting, coating and provideing you with a custom piece of artwork that you will love. Wicked Paintings has a professional facility for producing and reproducing art and printing digital photos on canvas. The equipment used is state of the art. Just take a look at the equipment and materials and decide what you would like to do.


Large Printer: HP Z3200ps 44" Professional Pigment Photo Printer

All The canvas is printed from this machine. It Does an excelent job and has great color with 12 different ink cartriges.


Medium Printer: Epson 3880

This machine does alot of the medium and smaller sized jobs. It uses pigment ink.

Large Scanner: Contex Flex50i Museum quality 48 bit 18 x 24

Its a one of a kind scanner that does a great job.

Film Scanner: Epson

Vinyl Cutter:

Drymount Press:

Matt Cutter:

Canvas Stretching Machine:

Computer Software: Adobe CS4 Suite



Photo Paper:

Watercolor Paper:

Plain Paper


Transparent Film:

Printable Adhesive Vinyl:

Adhesive Vinyl:

Foam Board:

UV/Scratch Resistant Coating: